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Courier-pack - an insider in the production of courier and safe packages in Ukraine

The company Courier Pack has been producing courier and safe packages. Caring for each client, the company's specialists are responsible and scrupulous about fulfilling orders for the production and delivery of courier and safe packages.

Our company keeps pace with the times, applying innovative technologies in production and constantly making sure that the equipment in the shops is modern, and the work is the most effective.

This allows us to produce polymer products of high quality, and to develop rapidly in this direction.

Thanks to unconditional devotion to our work, the company managed to achieve leadership in the market of courier and safe packages in Ukraine, Europe and neighboring countries.


Professional team and community experience with market leaders, allows us to perfectly navigate the needs of customers. In cooperation with Courier-Pak, you can count on 5 undeniable advantages:

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Designs for free

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Produces and delivers orders as soon as possible

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Uses modern technologies

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Provides products at low prices

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Provides an individual approach

Our manufacture

The specialists of the Courier-Pak company know that the quality of the products directly depends on the professionalism of the employees and the modernization of the production process. Therefore, our personnel constantly upgrades their skills, and the equipment is updated and optimized. In our production, each courier and safe-pack pass the following stages:

  • drawing of an individual number
  • flexographic printing
  • strengthening of the side seams by thermic and ultrasonic welding
  • strengthening of protection

Thanks to each of these stages, such packaging becomes practically invulnerable to attempts at illegal penetration, and the values in it are inaccessible to intruders.

Our courier and safe packages have a multi-level protection system, which is constantly being improved by specialists. So you can be sure that things are forwarded to the safety and well guarded.


Our Clients

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