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Courier Packages

Do you want to be calm for the safety of valuable things and important documents that you forward? Is it important for you that strangers do not see what is in the envelope? In this case, courier packages by Courier-Pack are the best choice.

Use of courier packages

Use of courier packages

Using Courier-Pack courier packages, you can be 100% sure that the addressee will be delivered in safety and integrity. Our courier packages are purchased by:

lolCourier services
lol Postal services
lol Online stores
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Advantages of courier packages

100% waterproof, dust and dirt protection

are much cheaper than paper and other analogs

protect against unauthorized access to the contents of the package

ensure reliable storage of documents in archives

allow you to create an individual design

have high deterioration resistance

have a presentable appearance

Provide the possibility of applying QR code, barcode, unique number and paper labels

About the degrees of protection of packages

  1. Each courier package has a special marking, which is visible only under ultraviolet light.
  2. Absolute tightness of the package is achieved by using an adhesive tape on its valve.
  3. You can open the courier package only once, because the valve is visibly deformed when it is opened. You can not re-seal the package.
  4. It is impossible to open the courier package imperceptibly under the influence of high temperatures, as the control lines instantly turn red.

Types of courier packages

Courier package (envelope)

Courier package with individual number

Courier package with a pocket for accompanying documents

Bag for small loads

Courier package (envelope)

The courier package (envelope) protects parcels from prying eyes, careless handling during transportation, exposure to dirt, moisture and any aggressive environment. It is made of three-layer high-strength polyethylene. Material thickness: 60 or 70 micrometers. The outside of the package is white, the inside is black. It has an adhesive valve, a special UV-sensitive marking and a control tape.

Courier package with individual number

The courier package with an individual number is made of three-layer high-strength polyethylene, with a thickness of 60 to 70 micrometers. The outer side of the package is white, the inside is black, which makes it completely opaque. Each of these packages is assigned an individual number that excludes the probability of substitution, and a barcode, along which it is possible to track the location of the package.

Courier package with a pocket for accompanying documents

This courier package is necessary when you need to provide accompanying documents for the parcel. The individual number and barcode are printed on its front side. On the back this package is equipped with a special pocket of transparent polyethylene, which allows you to read all the necessary information in the accompanying documents, without taking them out. Material: three-layer polyethylene with a thickness of 60 to 70 micrometers.

Bag for small loads

Small bags of the Courier Pack company are made of high-strength polyethylene. The color of the bags is white or yellow. They have a top valve (50 mm) and a bottom fold (50 mm). Designed for packing and transporting small loads.

Instructions for use

To close and to send

  1. Place the documents, values and/or other things that need to be sent inside the package, and enclose all the accompanying documentation in a transparent pocket that is on the outside of the package. If objects placed inside the package have sharp corners or edges, they should be secured. This will prevent the package from breach from the inside. Be sure to fill out all the information fields that are on the safe-package.
  2. Before close up the bag, carefully check the area that is under the control tape - it should be clean, without any mechanical impurities. After this, it is necessary to remove the liner from the control tape, and attach the tape to the protected surface and gently smooth it. Avoid the formation of air bubbles.
  3. Enter the individual number of your safe package in the log, in the accompanying document or in the database (you need to read the barcode for this). Also the sender can specify the date of sending the package, the time of its sealing and the name of the employee who made the package.
  4. To fix the fact of transfer of the safe package, use special detachable receipts, which are attached. The employee taking the safe-package should carefully check the packaging for defects and mechanical damages, and then put the date and signature on the receipt.

To open

  1. Before opening the package, you should carefully examine it for the presence of traces of unauthorized access and make sure that:
    • The indicator tape is not damaged (has not changed the color, structure and / or geometric shape) and there are missing the inscription "ВСКРЫТО OPEN", "STOP". Also, make sure that the check words "СТОП", "STOP" in the form of black dots have not appeared on the package (partially or completely).
    • on the safe-package there is a necessary logo, a unique number and a barcode, which coincide with the data specified under the control tape of the package and in the registration log.
    • the material of the package is not damaged, welded seams and fields with microtext are not changed, the figure under the control tape is present.
  2. Open the package only with scissors. Please note that the safe-package should be opened in the place indicated by the inscription "Cut line".
  3. Store the used safe-package in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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