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Courier-Pak: individual approach and printing to order

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The needs and wishes of each client are of paramount importance. Therefore, the company Courier-Pak is trying to adapt the products to the specified parameters to the maximum, so that each customer receives just such a package that he needs.

Innovative equipment, introduced in the production, allows you to change the sizes of manufactured courier and safe packages. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the width of the packages can vary from 10 to 84 cm, and height - up to 58 cm. Thanks to this innovation, everyone can choose the size of packaging products, which ideally fits the parameters of documents and values ​​sent.

Now customers can choose the type of packaging material - the company Courier-Pack provides the possibility of making packages of transparent and opaque polyethylene. Density of products can also vary - from 45 to 120 micrometers - depending on the wishes of customers.

Also there is an opportunity to create an individual design. Used in the production of new equipment allows you to put on the surface of courier and safe packages of any images. Designers will develop the necessary layout for this, and experts will create cliches and print a layout in high quality (up to 6 colors).

At the client's request, special perforations and perforation lines can be applied to the surface of the courier or safe package. In addition, you can put individual numbering, barcode, QR code and paper labels (stickers).

The presence or absence of a pocket for accompanying documents is also discussed individually: it can be removed if it is not needed, or added, if it is necessary.

There are situations when the volume of documents sent or the size ​​of values exceed the maximum capacity of the package. The company Courier Pack has found a solution for this problem. At the request of customers, a special fold can be made at the bottom of the courier and safe packages, increasing their capacity.

The production of courier and safe packages on order has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • forwarded things always fit
  • packaging exactly repeats the size of the documents lying inside, which provides a neat and decent appearance of the parcel
  • easily recognizable and support the style of the company
  • can have additional degrees of security

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