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Safe-packs for collection: how to use?

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Traditionally, cash collectors use special canvas bags to transport cash, however this method of delivery has long been obsolete. Today, progressive companies and financial enterprises choose a much more convenient, reliable and modern means of transporting money - safe packages for collection.

Why is it better to abandon the use of canvas bags?

To seal money in such bags, collectors usually use twine, a lead seal and a seal. However, this method has a number of disadvantages, namely:

  1. the impression of a lead seal can be easily forged. When reinstalling the seal, there is always a risk of hiding the access control of the responsible person for the purpose of stealing money.
  2. Attackers with special equipment can repeat the engraving, which is on the plombi plates. Often, such fakes are so similar to the original that it is very difficult to distinguish them, especially with a cursory examination. Any firm that produces prints and seals can make a duplicate impression.
  3. Lead is a very toxic metal. Specialists equate it to arsenic, mercury and benzpyrene. The main danger of lead lies in the fact that it is highly toxic and accumulates in the human body.
  4. The tarpaulin from which the collection bags are made is a coarse and rough material. It easily damages the skin on contact, as does the twine. And this is a significant drawback, because the overwhelming majority of cashiers are women.

The use of modern safe packages for collection allows:

  • simplify access control. There is no longer any need to learn the samples of seals made from seals that are used for collection
  • to introduce modern technologies of cash circulation, in particular automatic safes
  • increase customer loyalty, as the use of modern security tools ensures quality service
  • to reduce the risk of theft of money by collectors
  • accelerate the maintenance of points
  • avoid mistakes when accounting bags, which usually arise because of the frequency of their numbers
  • make all the necessary information with a ballpoint pen directly on the package
  • to fix the transmission of the safe-package by means of 3 detachable receipts

How correctly to pack money in safe packages and to extract their contents?

To close and send a safe package for collection, you need:

  • put the money in the package, and the necessary accompanying documentation - in an external transparent pocket;
  • Check the surface of the package under the indicator tape for contaminants, and clean if necessary.
  • remove the substrate from the test tape, and attach the tape itself to the surface to be protected. Smooth the sealed surface so that there are no air bubbles on it;
  • write down the individual number of the safe-package in the log or make it into the database.

Before opening the safe package you must:

  • make sure that the test tape is not damaged;
  • check the individual number and barcode with the data in the log;
  • check the integrity of the package.

How do safe packages make life easier?

Compared to canvas bags, safe packages for collection have a number of advantages:

  • to pack money is much more convenient;
  • for sealing, you do not need to use twine, a lead seal and a seal;
  • the cash-in-transit process between the cashier and the collector goes much faster;
  • 12 degrees of protection and a unique number that never repeats.

Additional, but not less important advantages of safe packages for collection is that they do not need to be erased, sorted manually in a warehouse and pre-prepared for use.

All this increases the efficiency and speed of the work of employees, and the transportation of money during the encashment makes it as safe as possible.

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