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Safe packages - a new word in modern delivery

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In spite of the fact that today everybody is much more often exchanged by e-mails and messages than by ordinary mail, the need to send important documents and values ​​still remains. Facing this problem, many people are thinking: how to pack valuable things, so that they reach the addressee intact and safe. The optimal solution for this task is the use of a modern safe packages.

Safe packages - what is it?

First of all, it is a convenient and reliable means for sending any values. A modern safe package can be compared to a small safe. For the production of such packages, a polymer multilayer envelope of increased strength is usually used, which does not transmit light, air and moisture. In addition, the reliability of such packaging is enhanced by many levels of protection against illegal opening.

Why safe packages are better than any other packaging? Because they:

  • differ strength. Of course, the strength of safe packets can not be compared with ordinary postal envelopes. And hardly anyone today will dare to send valuables by packing them in ordinary paper. Safe packages are not afraid of mechanical damage. During the transporting, they are not torn, do not burst and no holes are formed in them. You can open the safe package only with scissors.
  • Do not shine through. It is impossible to see the contents of safe packets by light. The membrane from which they are made is very dense and also two-colored, which makes it absolutely opaque.
  • are not afraid of chemicals, heating and low temperatures. Conventional envelopes easily and imperceptibly open under the influence of steam, frost or chemicals. But safe packages are reliably protected from similar tricks.
  • have an individual number and a barcode, which make it possible to track the location of the parcel. Thanks to this, the safe package will not be lost during the delivery.
  • have a pocket for accompanying documents. In the safe packages there is a special external department where you can put all the necessary accompanying documentation. This pocket is purposely made of transparent polyethylene, so that the paper does not need to be pulled out for reading.

Who can use safe boxes?

Of course, safe packages can be used by everyone, but there are areas of activity in which without such a strong and reliable packaging is simply impossible to do. So, safe-packages are irreplaceable for:

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Courier and delivery services
  • Private security companies
  • Public authorities
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Online Stores
  • Private persons who need to send important documents and values.

In addition, secure packages are useful in cases where you need:

  • seal
  • close up
  • ensure reliable temporary storage of documents and valuables

How do they protect?

Safe packages are intended for safe transportation of valuables, money, important documents and even material evidences. So that no one can replace such valuable content, falsify it or steal, safe packs have many levels of protection, namely:

  • extremely strong side seams, which can not be broken
  • microtext along side seams
  • an indicator tape that leaves warning labels for any attempt to open the envelope
  • special labels that are visible only if the packaging is correctly closed
  • light and waterproof coating

What can I forward in safe packages?

Due to the small size, such a package is not designed for bulky things, but it is perfect for small items. So, for example, documents, stocks, jewels, coins and banknotes, seals, exhibits, and any other small items are easily placed in safe packs.

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