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Safe packages

What if the important documents, money and valuables can not be entrusted to ordinary postal envelopes, but you still need to send them? The solution is: pack everything in our safe packages - and the addressee will get everything intact.

Application of safe packages

Application of safe packages

Safe packages have a multi-level system of protection against illegal opening, so the customers of the company Courier-Pak are absolutely calm for the values that they send.
Safe-packs are used for delivery:

And also for:

lolDifferent kinds of values
lolClosing up
lolTemporary storage of documents

Advantages of safe packages

Forwarded documents are reliably protected from attempts of unauthorized access, risks of withdrawal or substitution.

Values are not afraid of careless handling during transportation, dust, dirt, moisture and other aggressive environment.

The material from which the safe packages are made can not be influenced by chemicals, high and low temperatures.

They can not be opened unnoticed. Any attempt to open the envelope will be visible to the naked eye.

On safe boxes there are fields in which you can specify all the necessary information and warnings, and a special external pocket allows you to enclose the necessary accompanying documentation.

Safe packages are made of high-quality high-strength polyethylene, which will not break under any circumstances. They are much safer than conventional paper envelopes, and at the same time much more economical.

About the degrees of protection of safe packages

  1. If the safe package is opened, then the words "ВСКРЫТО OPEN" and "STOP" immediately appear on its indicator tape. This checkmark does not disappear, even if you re-close the package.

  2. Inscription appears even in the case of opening the package under the influence of low temperatures (up to -60 ° C). This is due to the use of special glue on the valves of the packages.

  3. On the inside of each safe package there are special points made with thermochromic paint. They make impossible unauthorized access under the influence of high temperatures (up to + 60 ° C).

  4. The control tape of the safe package has a special multilayer coating, the structure and color of which irreversibly change under the influence of any chemical solvent.

  5. The bottom edge of the safe packages does not have a seam, that excludes illegal access by trimming.

  6. The top and side seams of the bags undergo double welding, so any mechanical action on them leaves visible traces.

  7. Microtext applied along the seams of the safe package inevitably deforms when unauthorized opening it at the edges.

  8. Each safe package has a unique 10-digit number and a barcode corresponding to this number. The number and code are always duplicated on tear-off coupons, so it is impossible to replace the package.

  9. You can not change the safe package by changing the individual number, because the number is duplicated on the indicator tape of the package.

  10. A special pattern, which placed beneath, helps to visually determine the integrity of the control tape.

  11. A unique system of secret prints reliably protects against any illegal opening.

  12. The broken wavy line makes it impossible to unauthorized access to the contents of the safe box by trimming it along the boundaries of information fields.

Types of safe packages

Safe package with detachable roots and a pocket for accompanying documentation

Safe package with a pocket for accompanying documentation

The simple safe package (without pockets and roots)

Safe package with detachable roots and a pocket for accompanying documentation

On wide side seams of packages are warning signs made in microfont. On the front side of the safe packages are a unique number and a barcode, and on the back there is a special pocket for the accompanying documentation. In the upper part of the packet valve there is a tear-off spine with a special perforation line and information fields in which the date and signature are put. On the spine duplicated the individual number of each safe-package.

Safe package with a pocket for accompanying documentation

This kind of safe packages is suitable for parcels that require accompanying documentation. A special pocket is made of transparent high-strength polyethylene, so you can get acquainted with the document without even taking it out. In addition, the side seams are wide and strong, they also have warning labels. On the front side of such safe package are a unique number and a barcode, and on the back there is a pocket for documentation. The valve is equipped with a protective tape with the inscription "STOP".

The simple safe package (without pockets and roots)

This kind of safe packs has a wide side seam, on which warning labels are printed using a micro font. On the front side of each package there is an individual number and a unique barcode that allow to exactly identify the parcel and determine its location at any time and at any stage of delivery. On the back of the valve there is a protective tape with the inscription "STOP".

Instructions for use

To close and to send

  1. Place the documents, values and/or other things that need to be sent inside the package, and enclose all the accompanying documentation in a transparent pocket that is on the outside of the package. If objects placed inside the package have sharp corners or edges, they should be secured. This will prevent the package from breach from the inside. Be sure to fill out all the information fields that are on the safe-package.
  2. Before close up the bag, carefully check the area that is under the control tape - it should be clean, without any mechanical impurities. After this, it is necessary to remove the liner from the control tape, and attach the tape to the protected surface and gently smooth it. Avoid the formation of air bubbles.
  3. Enter the individual number of your safe package in the log, in the accompanying document or in the database (you need to read the barcode for this). Also the sender can specify the date of sending the package, the time of its sealing and the name of the employee who made the package.
  4. To fix the fact of transfer of the safe package, use special detachable receipts, which are attached. The employee taking the safe-package should carefully check the packaging for defects and mechanical damages, and then put the date and signature on the receipt.

To open

  1. Before opening the package, you should carefully examine it for the presence of traces of unauthorized access and make sure that:
    • The indicator tape is not damaged (has not changed the color, structure and / or geometric shape) and there are missing the inscription "ВСКРЫТО OPEN", "STOP". Also, make sure that the check words "СТОП", "STOP" in the form of black dots have not appeared on the package (partially or completely).
    • on the safe-package there is a necessary logo, a unique number and a barcode, which coincide with the data specified under the control tape of the package and in the registration log.
    • the material of the package is not damaged, welded seams and fields with microtext are not changed, the figure under the control tape is present.
  2. Open the package only with scissors. Please note that the safe-package should be opened in the place indicated by the inscription "Cut line".
  3. Store the used safe-package in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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